Metallica Reload Vinyl

October 31, 2009 · Print This Article

ReLoad is the seventh album by Metallica, released November 18, 1997. Highlights for me include "The Memory Remains" and "The Unforgiven II". Reload was a follow up album to Load, which was originally intended to be a double album release. As with Load, this album has much more of an alternative rock sound. If you are looking for something different I suggest trying to find a Japanese import of this album. My copy sounds great.

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1. Fuel
2. The Memory Remains
3. Devil's Dance
4. The Unforgiven II
5. Better Than You
6. Slither
7. Carpe Diem Baby
8. Bad Seed
9. Where The Wild Things Are
10. Low Man's Attitude
11. Attitude
12. Fixxxer


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